About Diane Jasperson


As an artist who has spent 35 years working in the fields of painting and sculpture, I was amazed when, two years prior to 9/11, God revealed to me in a dream not only the collapse of a building, but - as the debris was being whisked away - a preview of a series of large-scale paintings of the "New Jerusalem." On the exterior of the building were huge block letters that spelled the exhibition name, "ETERNAL," emphasizing its eternal perspective and significance. Since having that dream, and while in the sanctuary of my studio loft, 9ft to 20ft luminous paintings have been birthed and have become a mature body of both New Jerusalem paintings and sculpture. These works will be a traveling exhibition, appearing in various venues.

I believe God wants us to use His gifts and talents through the body of Christ to supernaturally reach the spiritually lost. "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do" Ephesians 2:10. One version says "we are God's masterpiece." The Greek version says "We are God's poiema - His Poem. " And I believe He is calling each of us to be His mouthpiece - His poiema, or poem - to speak to others so they can hear his "voice." Through the power of the Holy Spirit, each person will have the opportunity to confront the TRUTH of who Jesus is and have the privilege of receiving Him as Savior and Lord! Alleluia! The spiritual reality of the New Jerusalem is before us now!

He has purposed His plan in me, etched it so deeply in my spirit that "I know that I know" an eternal perspective. My vision is to share the "pearl of great price" with others so that all might know the living reality of who He is, particularly in these perilous times, so that they, too, can experience His never ending love and walk in His kingdom's

Diane Jasperson

reality. This is our time, as Christians, to take back the arts - reclaim the land, if you will - and share the good news. Individuals are searching for answers like never before. In the wake of 9/11, the paradox is that the political climate has acted as a spiritual irritant, an "agent of sand" to the soul, causing people to open up. Everyone is spiritually hungry to know the TRUTH.

The world is truly our oyster! We have the opportunity, as artist or pastor or fellow believer, to give others "eyes to see" through the blending of theology, worship and the arts so they, too, can find the pearl of great price. The movie, Field of Dreams, is one of my all-time favorites. It is filled with spiritual metaphors that speak volumes to me, and speak at such a deep level. And, just like Kevin Costner's character, Ray, I have heard "the voice" and have done something totally illogical. By putting all else aside to "build the field" and paint giant canvases that celebrate the New Jerusalem, believing that after God spoke into my spirit after that initial dream - that "they will come." I hear God speaking in my spirit, saying "Go the distance."

Two museum curators have visited my studio to view the work for exhibition consideration. Each had a revelation; the non-believer felt compelled to acknowledge at the door that "I'm a heathen and not into all this Jesus stuff that you write about," I just smiled. After about fifteen or twenty minutes the Holy Spirit moved on him and his arms shot up in the air and he proclaimed "Oh Lamb of God!" The other curator, told me that one of the paintings spoke to him personally, and he stated he believed that there would be a significant event related to the paintings. Others who have visited my studio have had a deeply personal experience. Three people have even received Christ as their personal Savior.

As this exhibition travels around the world it will be accompanied by a documentary titled "ETERNAL." People who would never go to church but will celebrate the arts in a museum setting or varied venues will be prophetically touched by the Holy Spirit through these paintings, as well as through the prophetic song and dance and all the gifts that will be celebrated-a true Jubilee to Jesus!

It is a pleasure to share with others what God has given me to celebrate the awesome wonder of who He is. His glory is the signature. On the side of the stretcher bars I write, soli deo un Gloria: To God alone be the glory!

Yours in Christ,

Diane Jasperson