The Eternal Exhibition

Dear Art Patron,

Let me introduce myself. I am Diane Jasperson, an artist and resident of San Pedro, California. I am writing you regarding the plans I have for an exhibition entitled Eternal that celebrates the New Jerusalem through my paintings and sculpture that share the living reality of God's love.

I have a 35-year exhibition history. In 1997, this Eternal vision was illuminated to me in a dream. Since then, I have been pursuing creating these New Jerusalem paintings. This body of art is made up of about 20 to 25 paintings and a correlating sculpture garden. The large-scale New Jerusalem paintings of shimmering light range in size from 7 feet x 9 feet and 12 feet x 10 feet, up to 15 feet x 18 feet. The sculpture garden consists of sculptural strands of ethereal leaves of light that appear to shower down from heaven, covering approximately 40 feet x 60 feet. Together, the paintings and sculpture create a powerful presentation and a refreshing reflection time for people to meander through.

Both paintings and sculpture are divinely inspired, and prophetically imbued, having a "voice" that speaks to people on a deep spiritual level. This exhibition Eternal will have a profound effect on people's lives. My desire is for each person to be touched, as I have been, while co-creating these works of art, by the transforming living reality of our Creator's love. I want to share this Eternal encounter with others through hosting this national and international traveling exhibition.

The kick-off exhibition to launch this event will be held in Los Angeles, California. This gala evening will be Diane Jasperson, painter, sculptorcomplimented with music by world renowned cellist Doug McClure and the exquisite Mojalet Dance Collective. This exhibition will be shown in various venues in San Francisco, Kansas City, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and a major debut in New York. International shows include stops in Paris, Spain and on to the Vatican City.

All proceeds from this project or revenue generated from the sale of catalogs or posters will be used to assist individuals in need or other organizations making a difference in people's lives.

As an appreciator of the arts, any encouraging support for this project ETERNAL is much appreciated. Art-wise, this is a unique, first-time event. The prophetic content that this art embodies will create a rippling effect and bless thousands of people worldwide!

If your sharing my enthusiasm in this exhibition please feel free to contact me at (310) 803-7935 or visit the Contact page of this website.

I want to thank you for your time, thought, and prayer in making this exhibition Eternal a reality.


Diane Jasperson

Upcoming Exhibition Locations

Los Angeles, California
San Francisco, California
Dallas, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Atlanta, Georgia
New York, New York
Paris, France
Rome, Italy

Dates and Venue locations pending