Diane Jasperson, painter, sculptor poems

Hope of Glory

Oh precious Savior I do love
Oh so generous, our Father above.

For He did give the greatest gift
So we could have our spirits lift.

To preach the word so all might know
The deepest love our Savior showed.

To die for us was His plan
So He could then extend His hand.

Pull us up to be in Him
We are forgiven of all our sins.

What a price to pay for me
All so I could be with Thee.

Precious Redeemer I now sing
My heartfelt thanks to the Eternal King.

Mighty Savior who claims us all
His awesome glory soon to fall.

With outstretched arms He opened His heart
To draw us to Him, never to part.

He filled the void with all of Him
The Hope of Glory, the Christ within.

Copyright Diane Jasperson©

Christ Within

The hope of glory, the Christ in me
Lifted up for the world to see.

His will is now my desire
To set the world's heart afire.

His glory is a sight to behold
Still the greatest story ever told.

So, one by one, others may see
The glory of Him in and through me.

So they will come on bended knee
And ask Him in, just like me.

So they can be a testimony for others to see
The love of Jesus - the Christ within me.

Glory to God above all men
Who sent His son to lift our sin.

So we could run the race and win
And we now know the only prize
Is the love of Jesus reflected in our eyes.

So what a treasure we carry within
Regardless of our former sins.

And now we know a joy so pure
All from Him - our salvation sure

Copyright Diane Jasperson©

His Love

As His love through us unfolds
In the greatest story ever told
He calls us forth to be bold.

Our steps are ordered for His mission
We all are a part of the great commission.
Not for self-seeking or position
But rather from a heart of contrition.

To touch one soul is such a gift
And in return my spirit lifts.

He changed my heart and my ways
For His good pleasure all of my days.

To Him be the glory forever more
Now that His love is my core.

Copyright Diane Jasperson©

So High

Blessed Almighty, His love so great
He gave His son so we could enter the gate.

A love so deep, a price so high
That He would give his son to die.

How much He loves us I now know
As the love Christ He did show.

Were we worth the price He paid?
For in His image we are made.

My fellow man I must love
For God so gave his own son's blood.

What a gift from above
All so we can know His love.

And with the crown of thorns He paid
The price for us to be loved indeed.

Now in His royal robe we walk
As we stand upon solid rock.

Copyright Diane Jasperson©

City on a Hill

I have but just this day
To love my Lord and say
"Please take all of me, so I can see"
Just a glimpse of Eternity.

My dream last night was oh so bright
The city on a hill, of shimmering light
Cameoed was this city still
Sunset hue - this city on a hill.

There it was, victorious it stood
Beckoning me forward to be all that I could
The love of Christ emblazoned in gold
The city on a hill - a sight to behold.

God of mercy, God of grace
Take me with you to this new place
Where cares are nil and prayers are full
As you draw us to this City on a Hill.

Copyright Diane Jasperson©

A Glimpse of Glory

City on a hill so bright
Beautifully captivating stupendous light
Clouds of glory, sunset hues
Alizara Crimson, royal colors of you

A glimpse of glory
All that I behold
Like opening my eyes
In liquid gold

Amazing wonders
Reminding me of thee
And the grace and beauty
Of etemity

Copyright Diane Jasperson©


Tired and weary, you drew me in
Ever reminding me you are my friend.

Where was I all those years?
Out in the world with all my peers.

You took my hand and led me your way,
Always reminding me there would be a new day.

Now at last I'm in the fold
You call me forth to be bold
So you can have your story told.

So others can know you and your love
And your Father through the Eternal dove.

Thank you, Jesus, for being my friend.
Thank you, Jesus, for coming in.

Copyright Diane Jasperson©