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Diane Jasperson

"The focus of my art is 'The Light.' The Content can be summarized as the affirmation and sacredness of new life within. The use of light and reflective materials not only reveals form, but expresses the Creator in the created."

My art mirrors my interior world and reflects my spiritual journey. I have always longed to know God deeply and to hear from him personally. Inviting Jesus into my heart has allowed me to open up to hear His voice and, through this on-going transformation, to be in tune with His spirit and in harmony with His will for my life.

My artistic desire is to create paintings and sculpture that echo the divine light and illuminate the glory of God, lifting each person's spirit to the highest level of joy. My vision is for each person, through light and content, to personally encounter the resurrection hope of Jesus Christ and be touched as I have by the transforming loving reality of our Creator.

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